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Ready to Represent HD 29

Here’s what mattes to me, let me know what matters to you.

Education- The 2017 legislature cut Biennium 2018-19 funds for Montana Education by $92 million. I stand for Education.

Economy-Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining, Health Care, Schools, Small Business, Tourism. I stand for a strong, diverse Economy.

Ethics-Moral principles should govern our behavior at all levels of government. We need to get dark money out and get over partisan politics. I stand for working together for the good of Montana.

Earth-Our Montana Constitution, Article IX, Section 1 states: ‘the state and each person shall maintain and improve a clean and healthful environment for present and future generations.’ I stand for keeping our air and water clean for our children and grandchildren.

Vote on November 6.

 From the Ice Caves Trail

From the Ice Caves Trail

 Looking toward the Snowy Mountains

Looking toward the Snowy Mountains

Paid for by Rachel Stansberry for MT HD 29,  PO Box 576, Lewistown, MT  59457 Democrat

Marie Anderson,Treasurer